Bella & Balu Couverture chauffante pour Chien et Chat – Tapis Thermique Auto-Chauffant et Isolant avec Housse | sans électricité ni Batterie (S | 65 x 46 cm)



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Bella & Balu Thermal Pet Blanket

The Bella & Balu thermal blanket for dogs and cats provides your pet with a comfortable and warm place to sleep.

The dog blanket protects against cold, dirt and moisture while providing a comfortable sleeping surface, especially on cold and hard floors. The pet blanket is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping or gardening, to insulate your pet from the cold of the ground, even in the cold season.

The insulation mat can be used either as an additional cuddle blanket in a pet bed or directly as a sleeping blanket on the floor.

The non-slip and waterproof underside of the dog mat has rubber studs to ensure a firm grip and prevent slipping.

Operation of the mat:

Puppies and pets with joint pain, in particular, prefer warmth and comfort. Die The insulating and anti-cold blanket inside the heated mattress is made of the same material used for survival blankets for first aid. The mattress works as a thermoregulator: the cat bed reflects the body heat of the cat or dog and thus heats itself up without the need for an external power supply or battery. Extras:

In addition to our dog bed, you receive a practical microfibre cloth, which makes it easy to clean dirty paws, for example after a rainy walk in the forest.

Materials and Care Tips:

Cover: 100% polyester imitation lamb fur

Inside cover: non-woven fabric and aluminum foil

The removable cover is easy to maintain and can be machine washed at 30°C.

Dimensions: 140 x 80cm





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Self-heating and highly insulating – the aluminum thermal mat reflects your pet’s body heat and insulates the cold and damp from the floor
Includes a microfiber cloth to wipe your pet’s paws
Non-slip and water-repellent with non-slip buttons on the underside
Dimensions: 65 x 46 cm – easy to clean in the washing machine

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