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Cozy warmth for relaxed four-legged friends with the riijk electric blanket.

The IN LOVE self-heating blanket for cats and dogs becomes the new favorite and warm place for your four-legged friend. Thanks to the special multi-layer insulation system inside the blanket, the innovative thermal pad effectively stores the animal’s body heat and releases it directly. The wool felt pillow warms up and provides a comfortably warm, rustle-free surface: whether at home, in the transport box, for baby cats, older animals, puppies or after an operation. Pleasant heat from below, although the human rabbit is not currently available.

Made of high quality materials, animal friendly, robust and tested for harmful substances. The cover is removable and can be easily washed in the washing machine.


Innovative thermal pad for hours of cuddles without rustling

Unlike similar heated ceilings, the self-heating ceiling from riijk IN LOVE has an innovative system of insulating layers with an additional fleece layer. Cats in particular often react very sensitively to cracked surfaces and therefore avoid conventional warm blankets with cracked foil layers. The IN LOVE Heated Mat provides a cuddly, quiet place to cuddle – guaranteed to be crease-free and creak-free. Also suitable for baby cats and sensitive animals.

The self-heating blanket uses the animals’ body heat, stores it and reflects it particularly effectively thanks to a special multi-layer system. For a comfortable thermal cushion effect without electricity or an external heat source.

If you want to use additional heat or special heat therapy, you can combine the riijk heating blanket with cereal pillows or hot water bottles, e.g. ex. Use under a heat lamp also intensifies the heat treatment.

Please ensure that the animal does not overheat if additional heat is added.

The thermal blanket is also ideal as a base after operations, for veterinary surgeries, to equip recovery rooms, to warm up sick or injured animals as well as for baby cats and puppies.

Lots of spaceLots of space

protective coverprotective cover


Lots of space

Several cats or dogs also find their place on the heating mat.

protective cover

Ideal for protection, the blanket can simply be placed on an armchair or sofa.

The cat feels good and can definitely on the chair.


Barely on the ceiling, relaxation already begins.

Thanks to the warming insulation layer, cats quickly appreciate the mat.


Easy-care, robust and washable – the perfect heated blanket for dogs and cats

The upper part of the cover is made of a fluffy Sherpa wool felt made of easy-care synthetic fibres. If necessary, the cover can simply be machine washed at 30°C. The non-slip nubs on the underside prevent the cushion from slipping. Thanks to its light featherweight, the riijk self-heating blanket can also be used as a blanket if necessary.

The riijk heating blanket is available in different sizes and is therefore suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals as well as different places of use. Ideal as a thermal underlay in the transport box, for a cozy place to lie on the tiles, as a cushion for the windowsill, for upholstered furniture or as a thermal cushion for cats outdoors or in the kennel. Also ideal as a cat bed for baby cats or for puppies.

Hours of cuddling without rustling guaranteed! Unlike other self-heating cat blankets, the riijk heated cat blanket is absolutely silent thanks to its insulating fleece layer, without annoying crackling or rustling, which many animals avoid.
The innovative heating mat for cats made of soft and fluffy synthetic wool felt – extra cozy, hygienic and easy to care for. With non-slip studs on the underside. The heating pad cover is removable and washable. Tested against harmful substances and robust.
The self-heating blanket for cats creates a cozy place for your pet anywhere at home and on the go, also as a heating pad for cats in the transport box, as a thermal blanket after an operation, as a heating mat for baby cats or as a carpet heater for older cats.
Available in different sizes: Ideal as a heated blanket for dogs, heating pad for outdoor cats, self-heating blanket for dogs on tiles, washable blanket for puppies, bed for cats, heated underlay for dogs and heat pad for rabbits and small animals.

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